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Honda CR250 Complete Engine Rebuild

Payment info:
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Parts and Labor included in prices.

Please package engine properly! Damage can occur from poorly packaged engine. We are not responsible for damages occurred from shipping or poor packaging.

We recommend a strong 18-20 gallon rubbermaid tote with many layers of cardboard under and around the engine, and zip tie the cover to the tote. This makes a strong and easy to carry container for your engine.

CR250 Complete Engine Rebuild Service  Send us your entire engine. Includes: Engine Dis-assembly, Inspect, Strip Cylinder and Nikasil Re-Plate, Power Valve Dis-assembly, Clean, Reassemble, Head Resurface, Piston Kit, Top End Bearing, Connecting Rod Kit, Crankshaft Rebuild, Main Bearings, Complete Engine Seal Kit, Complete Engine Gasket Kit, Complete Clutch Kit, Spark Plug, Engine Reassembly, and Return Shipping.
Price $1500.00  For 1978-2007 CR250

Notes:  Should your engine need parts other than those listed, there will be additional charges. We will call, or email you if we find any parts that will have additional charges. (example: Gears, Shift Forks, Shafts, Bearings other than Main Bearings, etc.)