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Valentino Garavani Spiked Stars Rockstud messenger bag - Green Valentino
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In this article, a nonlocal four-variable refined plate theory is developed to examine the buckling behavior of nanoplates made of magneto-electro-elastic functionally graded (MEE-FG) materials resting on Winkler–Pasternak foundation. Material properties of nanoplate change in spatial coordinate based on power-law distribution. The nonlocal governing equations are deduced by employing the Hamilton principle. For various boundary conditions, the analytical solutions of nonlocal MEE-FG plates for buckling problem will be obtained based on an exact solution approach. Finally, dependency of buckling response of MEE-FG nanoplate on elastic foundation parameters, magnetic potential, external electric voltage, various boundary conditions, small scale parameter, power-law index, plate side-to-thickness ratio and aspect ratio will be figure out. These results can be advantageous for the mechanical analysis and design of intelligent nanoscale structures constructed from magneto-electro-thermo-elastic functionally graded materials.

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Yee Yan Lim et al 2016 Smart Mater. Struct. 25 085021

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Concrete strength monitoring, providing information related to the readiness of the structure for service, is important for the safety and resource planning in the construction industry. In this paper, a semi-analytical model of surface bonded piezoelectric (lead zirconate titanate) based wave propagation (WP) technique was developed for strength evaluation of mortar with different mix, throughout the curing process. Mechanical parameters of the mortar specimen were mathematically evaluated from the surface wave (R-wave) and pressure wave (P-wave) using elastic wave equations. These parameters were then empirically correlated to the strength. The model was found to be very robust as it could be generalized to account for different water to cement (W/C) ratio. The performance of the WP technique was then compared to the electromechanical impedance technique and other conventional techniques, such as the ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) test and the rebound hammer test. Results showed that the WP technique performed equally well as the conventional counterparts. The proposed technique is also advantageous over embedded WP technique and the UPV test, in terms of its capability to capture two types of waves for the evaluation of dynamic modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio. A separate study was finally conducted to verify the applicability of this technique on heterogeneous concrete specimen. With the inherent capability of the WP technique in enabling autonomous, real-time, online and remote monitoring, it could potentially replace its conventional counterparts, in providing a more effective technique for the monitoring of concrete strength. Thomas Sabo necklace white KE165005114L45v Thomas Sabo E9qqZO8ZR
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R Ansari and R Gholami2016 Smart Mater. Struct. 25 095033

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Kristen Lee

All of those sounds you hear while you’re driving your car—the engine note, the exhaust, the hum of the road, the murmur of the tires—are only there because a noise, vibration and harshness engineer allowed them to be. Andrea Martin has made it her life’s work to create in-car experiences that range from the mighty Boys tie medium Woven Jacquard silk in solid dark olive green Notch NA0ISiifn0
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As a principal engineer of Honda’s NVH department, Andrea has left her biggest mark thus far on the 2018 Honda Odyssey . It’s her job to make sure that the car rides well and quietly enough for buyers.

NVH is incredibly important, as most of the actual experience of owning a car takes place inside it. You feel your car’s ride and how it sounds more than any other aspect of it, so that’s something you have to live with. It’s something that has to be done right.

Andrea puts a lot of herself into her work. She’s a mom, so she’s able to understand that demographic of customers. But not only that, she’s also very active in helping to get other female engineers into cars as a profession and encourages them to make their voices heard—things that are important for young people just starting out.

Andrea’s been at Honda since 1996 and she’s seen some big changes in the industry for women in that time. Positive changes. But we still aren’t where we need to be just yet, which is why having a pioneer like her paving the way is so invaluable.

(Note: This conversation has been edited for grammar, brevity and flow.)

Kristen: What are you responsible for on the Honda team?


Andrea: My official title is principal engineer in the NVH group. I’m responsible for the acoustics and vibrations of the vehicle. It’s essentially everything outside of the engine itself and anything that touches the engine.


We have a pretty broad range of responsibility. We get a very, very in depth look at the entire vehicle, from the intake, the exhaust, engine mount, the chassis, sub-frame, any of the steering components, bushing components to the tires.

We also have input on the body structure itself. And the materials inside the cabin. The carpets, the dash insulators, any type of acoustic material or acoustic treatment we need to apply like absorption or damping, those kinds of materials.

In the NVH world, we try to break it down simply into source, path and receiver. In a vehicle, the receiver is the driver and the people in the cabin of the vehicle.

We have a couple different sources: The engine, tires, wind. And then the path that the energy for the noise and the vibration is going take to get to that receiver.

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