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2 Stroke Cylinder Porting & Head Modification
Port cylinder, re-chamber, and /or re-squish head. 
Includes power valve service.  Porting packages are recommended to be done with a cylinder repair, big bore kit/big bore stroker kit install, or complete engine rebuild due to possible flaking of cylinder plating after altering ports. Sleeved cylinders can be ported at any time.

Click the Add To Cart Button to add one of our porting packages to your Big Bore Kit, Top End Rebuild, or Complete Engine Rebuild.

Stage 1 -  Trails, Woods, Enduro, Indoor Motocross/Supercross/Arenacross.
Strong Low end, Broad Power Band
$130.00 (Single Cylinder) 
$195.00 (Twin Cylinder)            

Stage 2 -  Aggressive play riding, Outdoor Motocross, Desert, Hillclimb.
Strong Mid-Range Power Band
$230.00 (Single Cylinder) 
$345.00 (Twin Cylinder)            

Stage 3* -  Drag, Road Race, Kart, Ice Race, Flat Track.
High RPM Strong Top End Horsepower
$330.00 (Single Cylinder) 
$495.00 (Twin Cylinder)   

 Please package engine properly! Damage can occur from poorly packaged engine. We are not responsible for damages occurred from shipping or poor packaging. We recommend a strong 18-20 gallon Rubbermaid tote with many layers of cardboard and/or bubble wrap under and around the engine, and zip tie the cover to the tote. This makes a strong and easy to carry container for your engine. Stuff/wrap enough cardboard/bubble wrap around the engine so it cannot move inside the container.